Thank you again for visiting our tournament official website. We would like to inform about the admissions that were set newly from this year.

MEN Schedule

Qualifier 2/25/2017(Sat) - 2/26/2017(Sun)

Main Draw 2/27/2017(Mon) - 3/5/2017(Sun)

WOMEN Schedule

Qualifier 3/5/2017(Sun) - 3/6/2017(Mon)

Main Draw 3/7/2017(Tue) - 3/12/2017(Sun)

Passport 4500 yen (2/27~3/12) ALL TIME
3500 yen (2/27~3/5) Men’s
1500 yen (3/7~3/12) Women’s
Weekday ticket Men’s 1000 yen
women’s 500 yen
Weekend ticket Men’s 1000 yen
women’s 500 yen
Students and below Free

Tax are included
All types of tickets will be sold at the tournament site

We have hosted this Keio Challenger annually by gathering funds from sponsors, organizing Wild Card tournaments, and self-hosting Kids’ tennis clinics. However the fund needed to host this tournament next year will greatly rise due to a change in the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) rules which requires tournaments to pay for the players’ hospitality (hotel fees etc.) for the Challenger series.

This change in the rules will grant a greater chance to players all over the world to take part in the Challenger series, further allowing us to help the growth of tennis as a whole.

By continuously hosting a challenger tournament here in Japan, we hope to increase the level of Japanese players and to be the gateway to their international success.

Thank you for your understanding, and please enjoy Keio Challenger International Tennis Tournament.

Keio University Tennis Team Tournament Staff